Interview de Philip Money

Interview de Philip Money

Aujourd'hui l'interview de Philip Money un blogueur chinois que j'ai eu la chance de rencontrer virtuellement .. mais prochainement j'espère.

He only speaks chinese... and english ...

What do you think about France?
france is far, france is expansive, france is full of beautiful girls.
btw, france fights against all the others.

Do you prefer chinese girls or french girls?
both i don't care so much, you know. but chinese girls are more and more material which make them more and more unattractive.

What is the most crazy picture that you have about China?
actually, keeping them is one of the most crazy thing in china.

Which place you would like to visit if you go to France?
i would like to go to the azur beach and also paris of course. and "happy village"

What place is better for travel in Chine?
modern chinese cities like shanghai, beijing and those cities abundant of historic relics such as Xi'an and Luoyang.

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